The application field of fiberglass sleeves is really getting bigger and bigger, but most of the time, glass fiber pipes are not common in people's daily life. In fact, this is a prejudice. A large number of fiberglass sleeves exist in the homes around us. Electrical appliances and other equipment; such products have many advantages and are widely used in electronics, electrical appliances, automotive interior wiring harnesses, H and C motors, transformers, inverters, generators, heating equipment, lighting, etc.

1. Fiberglass sleeve is safe and environmentally friendly, 100% non-toxic

The fiber material used in the fiberglass sleeve has the characteristics of strong tensile force and not easy to break, and has the characteristics of vulcanization resistance, smoke-free, halogen-free and non-toxic, in line with EU RoHS2. After the tube is cured, it can greatly enhance its safety performance by curing with environmentally friendly silicone, so as to effectively protect the construction safety of workers, avoid health threats, and effectively reduce the probability of unfavorable health factors.

2. Excellent high temperature resistance of fiberglass sleeve

The advantages of the widely adaptable fiberglass sleeve in high temperature resistance are more prominent than that of general polymer materials, because the organic silicon structure on its surface contains not only organic factors but also inorganic structures. Such special composition and molecular structure make the fiberglass sleeve have the advantages of inorganic materials in addition to the characteristics of organic materials.

3. Safety of fiberglass sleeve

The use of fiberglass sleeves in the smelting industry can achieve multiple safety protections. The specific performance is that when the temperature of the medium in the electric heating furnace is relatively high, and high temperature splashes are easy to form, the product can effectively prevent the high temperature splashes from cooling and solidifying, resulting in hardening of the rubber on the outer layer of pipes or cables occurs; even in the face of the splash of high-temperature melts such as molten iron, molten copper and molten aluminum, the fiberglass sleeve can withstand; such a high temperature resistance can The cables and equipment are effectively protected, so as to prolong their service life and improve work efficiency.

The above three advantages make the application field of fiberglass sleeves continue to expand. With the R&D investment and technological breakthroughs of the majority of fiberglass sleeve manufacturers in the industry, more advantages will be discovered through improved fiberglass sleeves. The scope of application will also be wider!