Heat insulation sleeve is a protective sleeve used to protect various pipeline equipment. According to different working conditions and environments, sleeves with different high-temperature resistance can be selected. Good heat insulator materials need to have the following characteristics: high temperature resistance, heat insulation, flame retardancy, electrical insulation, chemical stability, weather resistance, cold resistance, water resistance, oil resistance, ozone resistance, voltage resistance, arc resistance, corona resistance, etc.

Material used for thermal insulation

The heat insulation sleeve is woven into a tube with high-fluffy alkali-free glass fiber mortar, and the outer layer is coated with high-quality silicone rubber, which can effectively block the splashing of molten iron, molten copper, molten aluminum, etc., and is not subject to the damage caused by high temperature and flame. The product is bright in color and has an excellent elongation coefficient. These properties make it suitable for protecting hoses, cables and pipes in harsh environments. At present, a kind of red heat insulation sleeve commonly used in the market is made of silicone rubber and alkali-free glass fiber. Of course, in addition to sleeve of this material, Xinmao also has a variety of different materials, and the sleeve made of these materials can be applied to ensure the normal operation of various pipeline equipment under different working conditions.

Types of heat insulation sleeves

The heat insulation sleeves can be classified according to actual applications and can be used in different working conditions.

Straight heat insulation sleeves

For straight heat insulation sleeves, users do not need to stop equipment or remove hoses and cables during installation. Another advantage is that it can be installed on site in the factory to ensure the close fit and structural integrity. It is generally suitable for protecting short or straight pipelines, cables, automobile wiring harnesses, and generator sets.

Hasp heat insulation sleeve

The advantage of the hasp heat insulation sleeve is that it is easy to disassemble and assemble. There is no need to stop the equipment and disassemble the cable during installation. The interior is stitched with fire-resistant and flame-retardant fasteners. You only need to glue the sleeve in the middle to play the role of seal and insulation, which does not affect equipment production and saves installation time. It is commonly used in large-scale smelting equipment, and also used in metal high-temperature hoses.

Application of heat insulation sleeve

It is widely applied in high-temperature areas in industries such as steel, smelting, shipbuilding and chemical engineering, and cables in heating area, fluid pipelines, cables of the rolling mill, oil pipes, sawing edge cables, generator sets, electrical voltage equipment, large buildings, hydraulic systems, automotive wiring harnesses and exhaust pipe and so on.