Our high temperature casing is used in various means of transportation, such as tram, train, high-speed train, automobile and so on.

For an example of automobile, it is a very complex system, which is composed of tens of thousands of parts of different materials, and the working temperature and material withstand temperature of each part are different. Therefore, a professional high-temperature safety protection system is required to meet the requirements of heat insulation, heat preservation and insulation during automobile operation. Ningguo Xinmao fiberglass products CO., LTD can provide one-stop professional service of high temperature safety protection system.

The thermal insulation schemes in the automotive industry are diversified. Xinmao can provide a variety of thermal insulation products for many automotive application scenarios. This kind of high-temperature automotive heat sleeve can work at high temperature for a long time. Due to the temperature resistance of its material, automotive heat sleeve can withstand the temperature range from - 60 ℃ to 1650 ℃.

Automotive Heat Sleeve