Understanding of High Temperature Sleeve

High temperature resistant sleeves are commonly used protective products in industry, with fireproof and flame-retardant functions. They can be applied to the protection of pipeline equipment in various high temperature fields, and their protective effects are very good. High temperature sleeve refers to a kind of protective product that can protect pipeline equipment from normal operation under harsh conditions, and can isolate harsh environments from pipeline equipment when in use, thus playing a good protective role.

Secondly, high temperature sleeve is made of alkali-free glass fiber and silicone rubber, both of which have good high temperature resistance, fire resistance, dust resistance, abrasion resistance, and other functions. Therefore, the protective sleeves made from them also have multiple protective functions.

At the same time, appropriate flame retardant materials are added to the manufacturing materials of high temperature resistant sleeves to ensure that the produced sleeves have good flame retardant and fire resistance performance. They can protect pipeline equipment from normal use under harsh environments, and even reduce the spread rate of fire in case of fire, providing sufficient time for rescue personnel.

What should we pay attention to when choosing the high temperature sleeve?

With the continuous development of industrial production, more and more mechanical equipment are put into production lines. Especially in some harsh environments, the usage rate is higher, and the cables, oil pipes, pipelines and other equipment need to be protected. As a kind of protective product, high temperature sleeve needs to pay attention to some details when choosing.

  • Choose the protective sleeves according to the environment temperature of pipeline equipment. There are many types of high temperature resistant sleeves, which can be made into different functional characteristics of protective sleeves according to their different manufacturing materials, and can be used for the protection of pipeline equipment under different high temperature environments. Therefore, attention should be paid to the environment where these pipeline equipment are located to ensure the safety and effectiveness of protection.

  • Choose protective sleeves according to the mechanical parts where pipeline equipment is located. Pipeline equipment is the basic infrastructure necessary for mechanical equipment, so when protecting it, some can be dismantled and installed directly, while others cannot. Therefore, when choosing the high temperature sleeve, different styles of sleeves should be selected according to the actual installation situation, to ensure that the installation is convenient and quick, and does not affect the protective performance.

  • Choose protective sleeves according to the price of pipeline equipment protective products. There are many pipeline equipment protective products on the market, and different manufacturers can make different high temperature resistant sleeves, which will differ in temperature resistance, product quality, after-sales service and so on. Therefore, their prices will also be different, so detailed differentiation should be made when choosing, and products from large manufacturers should be chosen as much as possible, not only for the quality assurance, but also for comprehensive after-sales service.