What is a high temperature sleeve? what's the effect? In industrial production environments, equipment such as cables, wire harnesses, and hoses are used in high temperature and harsh conditions. Generally, high temperature sleeves are used for protection, which can reduce equipment damage and reduce costs. So where should the high temperature sleeve be installed?

1. Understand the application of high temperature sleeve in industry

High temperature sleeve is a good protective product for industrial high temperature pipelines, cables and other equipment. Because the high temperature sleeve has a very wide temperature resistance range, it can be applied to various working conditions to protect pipeline cables and other equipment from being damaged. damage. The temperature range that the high-temperature casing can withstand is closely related to the material it is made of. A red high-temperature sleeve commonly used in the industry can withstand temperatures ranging from -60°C to 650°C due to the temperature resistance of the material. In industrial applications, the temperature range that a high temperature sleeve can withstand also varies depending on the material of the bushing required.

2. Where to install high temperature sleeve?

1. Hydraulic pipes on mechanical equipment in high temperature areas are exposed to the production environment for a long time, and are prone to aging and rupture, so high temperature sleeves can be installed to protect them.

2. The steel industry uses cables for power supply, and many of these cables are exposed to the environment where the molten material is splash-proof and easily burned, which in turn affects the normal operation of the equipment. Therefore, high-temperature casings need to be installed to protect the cables.

3. When the chemical industry uses cables for power supply, the cables exposed to the air may not only encounter high temperature, but also have acid and alkaline corrosive substances, which are not protected for a long time and can easily shorten the service cycle, so high temperature sleeve can be used. to protect.

4. In the transport vehicle used to transport steel slag waste, the heat radiation generated by the steel slag will damage the hydraulic pipes and cables around the front of the vehicle. If it is not protected, it is easy to be burned, so a high temperature sleeve can be used for protection.

In addition to the above-mentioned high-temperature casings, there are many other places that need to be installed because they can effectively extend the service time and reduce costs. Ningguo Xinmao Fiberglass Products Co., Ltd. has been specializing in the production of high temperature, heat insulation and heat insulation products for ten years. With strong production capacity, perfect R&D strength and excellent service system, we have been striving to build a leading and most valuable brand in the high temperature protection industry.