The fireproof sleeve is a sleeve made of high-purity alkali-free glass fiber coated with silicone rubber. Its surface has been vulcanized, so it has excellent fireproof, moisture-proof, aging-resistance, and other functions, and the customer's usage rate is high. So there are always fakes in the market, how can we know the quality of the sleeve? QIAN-ZE will share some tips with you.

1. After receiving the fire sleeve, check the surface for scratches, and if it is obviously defective, don't buy it. Of course, occasionally little bumps are acceptable.

2. Check the inner weaving of the glass fiber and whether it is neat. If it is messy, it is best not to choose it, because such a fireproof sleeve is definitely an inferior product.

3. Smell the sleeve. The high-quality fire resistant sleeve should not have an obvious smell, so it can be judged from the smell.

4. Inquire about the price, the fireproof sleeve is a standard part, and the unit price of the same specification will not differ too much. If the price is too cheap, it may be inferior. This can also be used as a judgment method.

Of course, these are just some of the methods. Some people can tell the difference at a glance, so these are for reference only. For detailed information, you can ask professionals.