Understand High Temperature Sleeve

In industrial high temperature protection, a kind of high temperature sleeve is commonly used to protect pipelines, cables and other equipment. It has a wide temperature range and can be applied to protect pipeline equipment under various working conditions without damage.

The high temperature sleeve commonly used in the industry is made of alkali-free glass fiber tube combined with high-quality silica rubber refined by high temperature treatment, with professional temperature resistance and fire resistance performance, effectively protecting pipeline equipment under various working conditions from being damaged and reducing its maintenance frequency. The temperature range that the high temperature sleeve can withstand is closely related to its material. A red high temperature sleeve commonly used in industry can withstand temperatures from -60℃ to 1650℃ due to its material temperature resistance performance. In industrial applications, the temperature range that the high temperature sleeve can withstand will also vary according to the material of the sleeve to be installed. Therefore, if there are doubts about the working temperature and temperature resistance performance when purchasing such products, you can contact us directly and we can recommend suitable products for you.

The High-Temperature-Resistance Effect of High-Temperature-Resistant Fiberglass Sleeve

In high temperature environments, it is inevitable that pipeline equipment that operates for a long time without protection will be damaged. Because high temperature is not only a constant temperature, but also an instantaneous temperature, these pipeline equipment in high temperature environments need to be protected. High temperature resistant sleeves are products that can protect pipelines and prevent high temperature corrosion.

There are many types of high temperature resistant fiberglass sleeves, which can be used for high temperature protection of various pipeline equipment in various high temperature environments, effectively preventing high temperature environment from baking pipeline equipment and preventing instant high temperature from damaging pipeline equipment, thereby reducing the company's production costs. The most commonly used one on the market is the red high temperature resistant sleeve, which can withstand a long-term temperature of 260℃, a short-term temperature of 1000℃ and an instantaneous temperature of 1650℃, and can protect pipeline equipment under the temperature range of -60℃~260℃ of constant temperature and the instantaneous high temperature below 1650℃ in high temperature working conditions.

In most manufacturing industries, mechanical equipment is started by transmitting electric energy through cables, so the protection requirements for cables are getting higher and higher. High temperature resistant fiberglass sleeve can not only prevent high temperature operations, but also extend their service life. The high temperature resistance effect of high temperature resistant fiberglass sleeve is closely related to their material. According to the actual temperature resistance requirements of the working environment, corresponding high temperature resistant sleeves should be selected. They have good high temperature resistance effect and are the preferred choice for high temperature protection in industry.