1. Understand the fireproof sleeve

The fireproof casing is made of alkali-free glass fiber or high bulk glass fiber woven into a tube, and then coated with organic high temperature resistant iron oxide red silica gel after high temperature treatment. Compared with ordinary insulating sleeves, fireproof casings are thicker and heavier, and have good fire resistance, flame retardant, heat insulation, heat preservation, insulation, acid and alkali resistance, anti-aging and other properties, and have better service life and heat resistance. The silicone structure on the surface of the fireproof casing contains both organic groups and inorganic structures. This special composition and molecular structure make it integrate the characteristics of organic matter and the function of inorganic matter.

The fireproof sleeve can withstand molten metal splashes and strong heat sources and flames. It is mainly used in high temperature places such as steel plants, smelters, glass plants, rail transit, large-scale transformer places, and hydraulic hoses in various harsh environments. It is an environmental protection and pollution-free pipeline line protection sleeve for wire and cable, metal hose and various pipeline line protection.

The fireproof sleeve is moisture-proof, oil-proof, weather-proof, anti-pollution, and prolongs the service life of the equipment. Long-term use and no aging, the service life in the natural environment can reach several decades, which can maximize the protection of pipes, cables and equipment in these occasions and greatly extend their service life.

2. How to standardize the use of fireproof sleeve?

First of all, judging from the appearance, the material of a good fireproof sleeve is smooth to the touch, no lumps, no peeling, smooth glass fiber weaving, uniform silicone coating, no grainy feel on the surface of the material. The material itself will not have any peculiar smell, and all the fireproof pipe sleeves with peculiar smell are of poor quality. The outer layer of the casing is rust red; the overall elasticity is good, and the horizontal stretch can be 1.3 times.

For in-depth judgment, it is necessary to use high-temperature instrument testing or flame spray gun testing. The high temperature resistant fireproof casing can be used for a long time under the high temperature of 560℃. The high temperature damage test of 1650℃ can be used continuously for 20 to 90 seconds. After that, the surface layer of silica gel is carbonized, and the glass fiber is in good condition. It can be used to deal with emergencies and prolong the rescue time. The use of fireproof casing not only insulates electricity, but also isolates electricity, heat, oil, etc., without causing any threat to the environment, and is a better substitute for harmful products such as asbestos.