As a kind of high temperature protective sleeve, the fireproof sleeve is widely used in protecting cables, pipelines and hydraulic equipment under high temperature environment, and it is an indispensable material in modern high temperature industry. Do you know how to distinguish the quality of fireproof sleeves?

As we all know, the fireproof sleeve is made of highly purified alkali-free glass fiber and coated with high quality silicone rubber. Most of the fireproof sleeves are red in the market, but other colors can be customized according to customers’ requirements. Ningguo Xinmao Fiberglass Products Co., Ltd. summarizes some methods to distinguish the quality of fireproof sleeves for you. You can refer to these methods while purchasing fireproof sleeves.

First of all, when we get a fireproof sleeve, we should check whether the silicone coating on the fireproof sleeve surface is uniform, and whether there are obvious scratches or cracks.

Next, we should check the internal fiberglass weave. The fiberglass inside the high quality fireproof sleeve is neatly woven without disorderly fiberglass. Most of the fiberglass is white, and only a little fiberglass is milky white or light yellow. While the fiberglass weave of inferior fireproof sleeves are loose and disorderly. The fiberglass color is impure with some impurities.

Then, you can smell the fireproof sleeve after checking the appearance. High-quality fireproof sleeves will not produce obvious pungent smell, but inferior fireproof sleeves smell pungent, which greatly harms human body if the smell is inhaled in a long term.

Finally, you can check the quality with a lighter. The long-term operation temperature of the fireproof sleeve is 260 degrees, and the instant temperature can reach 1650 degrees. Therefore, In the test of the sleeve, the inferior fireproof sleeve will produce a very pungent smell and melt instantly, but for a high-quality fireproof sleeve, the silica gel on its surface will be carbonized after 10 to 15 minutes of open fire combustion, there is no obvious pungent smell. And the inner fiberglass is still intact. These differences are enough to distinguish high-quality and inferior fireproof sleeves.

Caution: In the case of continuous high temperature or open fire, high-quality fireproof sleeves can protect the safety and normal use of pipeline, hydraulic devices and other equipment, while inferior fireproof sleeves are likely to cause fire and other dangers, resulting in inestimable losses. It is best to investigate clearly and choose the right product when purchasing fireproof sleeves.