What is high-temperature sleeve? When cables, hoses, wires and other equipment are used in high-temperature and harsh environments in industrial production, heat-resistant protective tubing can be used for protection to reduce damage and replacement frequency. So where should high-temperature sleeve be installed?

Understanding High-temperature Sleeve

High-temperature sleeve is a commonly used pipeline protective product in industry, which can be used for a long time in various working environments to protect pipeline equipment from damage within a given range. Currently, the commonly used high-temperature sleeve in the market is made of alkaline-free glass fiber and silicon rubber, and mainly comes in red protective tubing. However, according to actual usage requirements, it can also be made into various colors to meet various customer protection needs. High-temperature sleeve can be made into different types of protective tubing according to its different manufacturing processes and can be applied in various working environments to provide good protection performance with easy assembly and disassembly, as well as excellent protection performance.

Where Should High-temperature Sleeve be Installed?

  • In the steel industry, cables are used for power supply, and many of these cables are exposed to molten spatter, which is easy to burn, thereby affecting the normal operation of equipment. Therefore, high-temperature sleeve is needed to protect the cables.

  • In high-temperature areas of mechanical equipment, hydraulic pipes are often exposed to production environments for long periods, and are therefore susceptible to aging, cracking and other phenomena. Thus, high-temperature sleeve can be installed to protect them.

  • When transporting steel slag waste, the heat radiation generated by the steel slag can damage the hydraulic pipes and cables around the front of the truck. Without protection, they can easily burn. Therefore, high-temperature sleeve can be used for protection.

  • In the chemical industry, when cables are used for power supply, cables exposed to the air may encounter not only high temperatures, but also acidic and alkaline corrosive substances. Without protection for a long time, it can easily shorten the service life of the cables, so high-temperature sleeve can be used for protection.

  • In the electric power industry, there are many cables exposed to the air for long periods. Some cables in high-temperature areas may be baked by high temperatures, and the outer rubber may easily melt, or even cause cable shorts and other accidents. Therefore, high-temperature sleeve can be used for heat-resistant insulation protection.

The above are only some of the industries and equipment that use high-temperature sleeve, and installing and using high-temperature sleeve can effectively protect various equipment for a long time. Especially suitable for protecting cables, pipelines, hoses and other equipment in harsh environments.