1. Applicable places of fire resistant fabric materials

Fire resistant fabric materials are often used in some special places. Many users do not have a special understanding of the use of this product. Fire resistant fabric materials can be used for various interior decoration, bedding and cabin decorative fabrics and so on. With the development of social economy, the demand for it is also increasing. In the 1960s, Japan, Europe and the United States and other developed countries put forward requirements for flame retardant finishing of textiles, and formulated flame retardant standards for various types of textiles to limit non flame retardant textiles from the types and places of use of textiles. For example, the United States has enacted laws, state laws and urban regulations and some other standards and regulations formulated by some places on flammability for curtains, bed sheets, pajamas, children's clothes, automotive fabrics, camping tents, toys and other textiles.

In addition, fire resistant fabric materials can also be used in some other places, such as aircraft, ships, automobiles and other places. If you want to know more about fire resistant fabric materials, you can contact us at any time.

2. Why are fire resistant fabric materials flame-retardant and fireproof?

Fire resistant fabric material is a kind of textile, which is more fire-resistant than ordinary fabrics. The reason why flame-retardant and fireproof fabrics can prevent fire is mainly because some fibers are specially used for fire resistance through their fibers or chemical finishing.

However, it should be noted that the fire prevention and flame retardancy of flame retardant sleeves mean "fire prevention". Even though the combustion rate of these fabrics will be slower than that of other fabrics, it can burn. Moreover, if this flame-retardant fabric is exposed for a period of time, such as fire and high temperature, it may also be damaged. These fabrics are mainly to reduce the spread of fire.

Fire resistant fabric materials can use natural fibers to create fire-resistant fabric fabrics. A chemical substance can be used to reduce its flammability. The chemical substance that will react with the tar and gas naturally produced by the fabric is locally applied to reduce the flammability of the fabric. Of course, the chemical reaction between these tar and gas will lead to fabric coke rather than combustion.

Therefore, the flame-retardant fabric is not that it cannot burn. It is that after the flame-retardant process, the fabric carbonizes in case of fire and extinguishes itself after leaving the fire, so as to effectively prevent the spread of flame. Can fire resistant fabric materials be washed? Of course, and the flame retardancy will not decrease with the increase of washing times.