1. Characteristics and application scope of heat-resistant sleeving

Heat-resistant sleevings are now used in a wide range of characteristics, and there are many manufacturers on the market, and people don't know how to choose. Heat-resistant sleevings are made of high-loft fiberglass and coated with high-quality silicone rubber. It can block high temperature splashes and is not damaged by high temperature and flame. The product has bright color and excellent ductility, so that it can fully protect pipeline equipment.

The heat-resistant sleeving provides long-term and reliable insulation protection, radiation protection, heat wave protection, flame retardant and heat insulation in a high temperature environment of 300 °C, and can withstand the impact of high temperature molten steel or high-temperature liquid at ≤1150 °C in a short time, avoiding personnel suffering. It can prevent the burns of high temperature pipelines and block the loss of heat, saving energy and reducing consumption. heat-resistant sleeving is widely used in high-temperature protection of pipeline equipment in high-temperature areas in steel, smelting, shipbuilding, aerospace, aviation, military and chemical industries.

2. The role of heat-resistant sleeves in cable protection

The problem with the cable is usually due to the high temperature damage to the insulation layer of the wire, causing the temperature of the intermediate joint to rise sharply, so that the wire spontaneously ignites, causing a fire. If you want to protect the cable, you need to install a protective product that is both high temperature resistant and insulating on its outer layer. For example, the heat-resistant sleeving is a protective product specially designed for the cable.

The heat resistant hose sleeve is made of alkali-free glass fiber yarn woven into a tube, coated with silicone rubber, and processed at high temperature. The heat-resistant sleeve has the properties of flame retardant, heat insulation, heat preservation, anti-electricity and softness. heat-resistant sleeving can be divided into: hasp type casing, tube type casing, winding type casing, etc. It can effectively solve the problem of fire caused by excessive temperature or poor insulation effect of the cable during use.

The high temperature insulating sleeve has insulating properties and can withstand voltages from 7000 to 10000 volts (more than 10000 volts can be customized), which fully meets the needs of sheathed cables. At the same time, it has excellent flame retardant performance, which can prevent the spread of fire, and can still protect the internal pipeline from being intact for a long time, providing sufficient time for the rescue of important information such as data and materials.

The heat-resistant sleeving is made of high-purity alkali-free glass fiber and high-quality imported silicone rubber. Such material selection enables the high-temperature fireproof casing to withstand the high temperature of 1650°C for tens of seconds, and can resist the splash of high-temperature melt. Its normal working temperature is 260℃, which can also meet the requirements of most working conditions.