Tube type fireproof sleeve is a kind of industrial protective equipment, which can be used in harsh environment to protect the normal use of all kinds of pipeline equipment, in industry is very widely used, so is the tube type fireproof sleeve fire aging performance good?  Xinmao and everyone understand it together.  


Tube type fireproof bushings are made of high-quality protective materials, with good high-temperature fire resistance, dustproof wear resistance, flame retardant insulation and other functions, and more specifications and models, can be used to protect all kinds of specifications and sizes of pipeline equipment, in the industrial application is very wide.  


Therefore, the fire resistance and aging performance of the tube type fireproof sleeve is good, and the performance of the production material, product quality, installation and use of a large pipeline. The fireproof sleeve made of excellent material also has good fireproof and aging resistance.  


Secondly, the quality of the product will also affect the protection performance of the tubular fireproof sleeve. The high-quality sleeve can have a variety of performance characteristics, and can effectively protect the normal use of all kinds of pipeline equipment.  


And the installation and use of tube type fireproof sleeve will also affect its fire resistance to aging performance, such as improper installation, in use will be exposed to the air, effective protection effect.  


Therefore, is the fire resistance of tubular fireproof sleeve good?  The above aspects will affect its performance characteristics, and Xinmao as one of the professional fireproof material manufacturers, can provide customers with a variety of high-quality casing, to meet the customer's various protection needs.