With the continuous development of industrial production, more and more equipment requires high-temperature protection, such as thermal power plants. If the pipeline equipment in high-temperature environments is not protected, safety accidents are prone to occur, which will have a great impact on the manufacturers. In industrial production, cables and hoses are the infrastructure for the transmission of energy for mechanical equipment. Therefore, effective protection is necessary for long-term operation, especially for pipeline equipment used in harsh conditions, which requires protection using the heat resistant sleeving.

Why use the heat resistant sleeving?

In the industrial manufacturing industry, there are many high-temperature harsh environments. As mechanical equipment requires the transmission of electricity during the production process, there are many pipelines that need protection. The use of flame-retardant and fireproof sleeve is a protective product for protecting these pipeline equipment. In order to meet the protection needs of pipeline equipment, there are many types of flame-retardant and fireproof sleeves, such as buckle-type, sleeve-type, wrap-type, etc., to ensure that pipeline equipment in every working environment is protected and there is no phenomenon of insufficient protection due to difficulty in dismantling.

Therefore, the working principle of flame-retardant and fireproof sleeve is very simple. The protective sleeves are wrapped around the pipeline as a whole, which can completely isolate it from the harsh environment and effectively prevent damage caused by external factors, ensuring safer and more effective protection.

The use of heat resistant sleeving

Heat resistant sleeving is made of silicone rubber and fiberglass, which is resistant to high temperatures, fire, and wear, pressure, insulation, anti-puncture, acid and alkali resistance, corrosion resistance, easy to construct, and has a long service life. It can effectively protect the working workshop of thermal power plants and various pipeline equipment from damage caused by external environmental factors.

According to their different production processes, firesleeve uses various styles of protective sleeves, which can be used to protect various standard or non-standard pipeline equipment in thermal power plants, providing excellent all-around protection. The use of firesleeve in thermal power plants also has a good insulation effect, effectively reducing the baking of pipeline by external high-temperature environments, preventing the corrosion of waste materials, and providing comprehensive protection. The use of firesleeve in thermal power plants plays a great role in the protection of cable pipelines, not only can effectively protect pipeline equipment from damage, but also effectively reduce consumption, reduce losses and save enterprise resources.