Understanding of fireproof sleeve

Fireproof sleeve is made of high-loftiness glass fiber woven into fiberglass sleeve, and coated with imported high-quality ferrous sulfate heat-resistant silicone gel, which can block splashes of molten iron, molten steel, molten aluminum, etc., and is not damaged by high temperature and flame.

Performance of fire sleeves

  • Flame retardant and protective: The silicone gel coated on the surface of the fireproof sleeve contains special raw materials such as suitable flame retardants, which make it have good flame retardancy. Even if a fire occurs, it can stop the spread of flames in time, protect the pipeline from damage in a short time, and provide sufficient time for rescuers.

  • Tear resistance: Adopting advanced production technology and possessing a powerful scientific and innovative team, using imported high-quality silicone gel, the fireproof sleeve is not as easily torn apart as ordinary manufacturer's fireproof sleeve.

  • Moisture-proof, oil-proof and aging-resistant: The fireproof and flame retardant sleeve has strong chemical stability, and organic silicon does not react with substances such as oil, water, acid and alkali. It can be used for a long time below 550℃ without aging. The service life under natural environment can reach several decades, which can maximize the protection of pipelines, cables and equipment in these occasions and greatly extend their service life.

  • Good fireproof and flame retardant effect: The fireproof sleeve is woven from glass fiber with extremely high temperature resistance, and the silicone gel added on the surface contains appropriate flame retardants and other special raw materials, making the fireproof sleeve have excellent flame retardancy. Even if a fire occurs, it can still stop the spread of the fire and protect the internal pipeline for a long time, providing sufficient time for the rescue of important information such as data and documents.

  • Easy and fast installation: Fire sleeves can be divided into three types: straight tube type, buckle type and wrap type. Buckle-type sleeves do not need to stop the equipment or dismantle the hoses and cables, and the installation is convenient and fast; straight tube-type sleeves can be installed on-site in the workshop to ensure the accuracy of the installation and the integrity of the structure; wrap-type sleeves are mainly used for high temperature protection of irregularly shaped objects such as valves and curved pipes, with convenient wrapping and also suitable for outdoor high temperature pipelines.

  • Safe and non-polluting: The fireproof sleeve is made of alkali-free glass fiber, which itself has the characteristics of smokeless, halogen-free, non-toxic, and pure oxygen non-combustible. The fine craftsmanship causes less pollution to the atmosphere and water, and is harmless to the human body. It can effectively protect the health of workers and reduce the incidence of occupational diseases.