The high temperature fireproof sleeve is braided by alkali free glass fiber or high leavening glass fiber and coated with organic high temperature resistant iron oxide red silica gel after high temperature treatment. Developed by Xinmao, a thermal insulation company, it is specially used for the protection of hydraulic hose, cable, metal, hose and other pipeline lines in steel works, smelting plants, glass factories, rail transit, large transformer places and other high temperature places and various harsh environments.  


The main characteristics of high temperature fireproof sleeve are as follows:  

1, can prevent molten iron, molten copper, molten aluminum and other high temperature molten spatter  

2, can block the heat radiation produced by the flame  

3, avoid personnel suffering from high-temperature pipeline burns  

4, flexible, wear-resistant and moisture-proof, waterproof, oil-proof, anti-pollution  

5, block the loss of heat, conducive to energy saving and consumption reduction  

6, fire sleeve strong dielectric insulation  


These characteristics make it suitable for protecting hoses, cables and pipelines in harsh environments.  Can be continuously exposed to 550℃ high temperature without damage, can withstand 1650℃ high temperature, 1650℃ destructive test can last half an hour, half an hour after the coating began carbonization, glass fiber intact.  


Due to the particularity of the cast steel industry and the necessity, the cast steel industry value is very high, in daily work have to deal with all kinds of high temperature environment, which makes some equipment is always in danger to the environment, many industries are now power, only through a cable transmission to provide power for electric energy and electric energy, normal working temperature of steel is far lower than the environment temperature,  This requires the use of insulation casing to protect the cable, Xinmao's flexible flameproof material is your best choice.