Speaking of fireproof fabric, firefighters are always in people’s minds. They always move forward bravely in major fires to ensure the safety of people's lives and property. But in daily life, we should also actively prevent fire and avoid property losses and casualties. When summer comes, the weather is very dry, which has laid a great hidden danger for fire. Therefore, many businesses, including factories, will choose fireproof fabric as common fabric. So how much do you know about fireproof fabric which has a great significance in fire prevention?

1. About the fireproof fabric

Fireproof fabric is also called flameproof cloth. When people encounter fire, electric sparks and other hazards, the fireproof fabric can resist many external injuries for us, especially when workers sometimes operate near the fire source when working. At this time, the fireproof fabric is particularly important. It can protect the safety of workers' lives and property in case of hazards.

As a special industry and protective fabric for special types of work, fireproof fabric can be roughly divided into silicone rubber coated glass fiber cloth, basalt fiber fireproof fabric, aluminum foil fireproof fabric, etc. Generally speaking, the fireproof fabric is flame-retardant cloth, that is, flame-retardant fabric. Only flame-retardant cloth with high flame retardant grade can be called fireproof fabric, such as glass fiber fireproof fabric and basalt fiber fireproof fabric.

2. What are the characteristics of the fireproof fabric?

In the case of fire, the temperature inside the fire site can reach hundreds of degrees. At this time, the air is scorched, which will cause serious harm to our respiratory tract, even lead to serious asphyxia and burns, as well as problems such as decreased blood pressure and internal circulation disorder. At this time, the fireproof fabric can give full play to its own advantages to help people escape from the fire. Its good aerospace thermal insulation effect can create more chances for escape and increase the possibility of survival. Moreover, flame retardant cloth is an environmental protection material that burns slowly in case of fire, so there will be no harmful gas in the combustion and avoid inhalation by the human body.

For all these cases, the fireproof fabric has many functions. QIAN-ZE has been specializing in the production of high temperature resistant, heat insulation and heat insulation products for ten years since its establishment in 2011. We can also make the lining of refractory products and the decoration guaranteed for the outside, the fire curtain that can be used in residential and public places, indoor construction and decoration, as well as other fireproof auxiliary of decoration materials and products in other fire prevention fields.