High temperature is a common working environment in the casting industry, so high temperature protection is a necessary condition to ensure the normal operation of factories. In order to have a continuous and efficient production environment, daily maintenance must be better. So what is the importance of high temperature sleeve to the casting industry?

1. Importance of high temperature sleeve

In high temperature environment, insulation and reducing temperature diffusion also belong to daily maintenance. High temperature sleeve is made of high-loose glass fiber as the base material, and high-quality silicone rubber as the surface dustproof and waterproof layer. Its continuous working temperature is 260℃, and the instantaneous temperature can withstand 1650℃. This temperature can be used for pipeline protection in many casting industries. High temperature sleeve has good thermal insulation performance. Its structural design makes the sleeve have double air tightness, which can not only prevent fire but also play a role in insulation.

There are many equipment pipelines in the casting industry that cannot be disassembled and installed, and high-temperature sleeves can achieve online installation. According to the working conditions, choose the appropriate diameter of the sleeve, and use the snap-type sleeve. After directly covering it, adjust it according to the size of the pipeline, without affecting the tightness of the sleeve protection and the integrity of the structure.

High temperature sleeve can effectively avoid personnel from suffering burns caused by high temperature area pipelines, greatly reduce the cost of energy loss, avoid direct baking of pipelines in high temperature environment, prolong their service life, and reduce enterprise production costs.

2. What are the various forms of high temperature sleeve?

Nowadays, many industries use high temperature sleeve, such as metallurgy industry, steel mills, power plants, automotive industry, etc. There are also many uses, so what are the various forms?

Tube-type high temperature sleeve: generally suitable for short or straight pipeline, cable protection, automotive pipeline, generator set, etc. After installation, it is firm, not easy to be torn, and has good sealing, insulation, high temperature resistance and moisture resistance.

Wrapping high temperature sleeve: mainly used for high temperature protection of irregularly protected objects such as valves, bent pipelines, etc. It is suitable for outdoor high temperature pipelines, such as natural gas pipelines, heating pipelines, etc., and plays a role in thermal insulation.

Snap-type high temperature sleeve: mainly used in large-scale smelting equipment, and also used in metal high temperature hoses. When installing, there is no need to stop the equipment. Just pull the high temperature sleeve apart from the middle, put the pipeline inside, and then pull the fire-resistant and flame-retardant adhesive tape up to achieve sealing and insulation, which does not affect the production of the equipment and saves installation time.