high temperature sleeve is a common protection product in industrial high temperature operations, and it is also a high temperature protection product that is frequently used in industry. It is mainly used to protect cables, pipes and other equipment in various high temperature environments. It is a high temperature protection product in many industrial workshops. The best choice for protection. So what are the characteristics of high temperature sleeve in industrial applications?

Ⅰ. Understand the high temperature sleeve

High-temperature casings can be divided into various protective casings according to their different production processes, such as hasp-type casings, tube-type casings, winding high-temperature wrapping tapes, etc. The main function of high-temperature casings is to protect All kinds of pipeline equipment are not affected by high temperature environmental factors, and can work normally under various working conditions. According to the actual situation of the required protective pipeline equipment, suitable protective products can be selected for protection. 

Good corrosion resistance and aging resistance: It can effectively prevent pipeline equipment from being corroded in a humid saline-alkali environment, and it is not easy to age and deform after long-term use. 

Safe, environmentally friendly and pollution-free: The high temperature sleeve material is environmentally friendly, so the casing is not harmful to people and the external environment.

Ⅱ. What are the characteristics of high temperature sleeve in industrial applications?

1. Good flame retardant and temperature resistance: the raw materials required for the high temperature sleeve have good high temperature resistance, flame retardant and fire resistance, which can effectively prevent the cable pipe from contacting high temperature sparks or high temperature baking in a high temperature environment, and the protection effect is good.

2. Long service time: Due to its unique properties, the high-temperature sleeve can be used to protect various cable equipment from damage for a long time within the specified range of use. It has stable chemical properties, good anti-aging performance and long service life.

3. Easy to disassemble and use: According to the actual application, the high-temperature casing can be divided into tubular casing, hasp-type casing, winding high-temperature wrapping, etc. When installing and using, you can choose a suitable protective sleeve, which is convenient for disassembly and assembly, and is a good choice for the majority of manufacturers.

4. Safe, environmentally friendly, high-quality and durable: the flame retardant insulation material selected for the high-temperature casing are in line with safety and environmental protection performance, long-term use will not affect the workshop environment and air, and the protective effect will remain unchanged.

There are many characteristics of high temperature sleeve in industrial applications. The basic function is to protect various pipeline equipment from damage in high temperature environment, and has good environmental protection performance, safety and durability. There are many protective products in the industry, but each protective product has its own unique characteristics, so users must pay attention to these characteristics when choosing, do not choose the wrong one.