Thermal Insulation Types at QIAN-ZE

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Good heat insulation materials are inorganic non-metallic materials with excellent performance. Heat shield material has a wide range of types, good industrial thermal insulation, strong heat resistance, good corrosion resistance, and high mechanical strength. As a reliable thermal insulation manufacturer, QIAN-ZE offers high-quality flame retardant insulation material and provides you with professional one-stop high temperature safety protection solutions.

Why Choose QIAN-ZE Thermal Barrier Insulation Materials



    As the leader in the high temperature material industry, we supply a wide range of flame retardant materials products and heat shield products: sleeves, wraps, fabrics, automotive heat shield material heat protection products with performance tailored to specific customer needs.



    Today, Xinmao Company has 12 high temperature material production lines and 100 sets of molds which enable us an annual fire sleeves output of 800,000 meters. Our company holds thermal insulation products in a wide range of colors and sizes in stock and special specifications can also be customized.



    Thermal proofing or thermal insulation sleeve have passed ISO9001 quality management system that are environment and personnel friendly. By using QIAN-ZE good thermal insulators, you can not only extend the service life of high temperature equipment, reduce the operation and maintenance costs of enterprises, but also protect personnel from high temperature injury. Contact us and buy thermal fiber insulation now!

Thermal Insulation Application

High-Temperature Thermal Insulation Materials FAQs

  • What is heat insulating material?

    Heat Insulating Materias, materials or material complexes that apparently resist thermal currents, are a general term for thermal heat insulation materials. Insulation is based on the use of substances with very low thermal conductivity.

  • What is thermal insulation used for?

    Thermal heat insulation is used in many fields, including: construction, industry, automotive, cold chain, kitchen and textile etc.

  • What material is a good thermal insulator?

    The most common type of thermal insulator is fiberglass. This kind of  thermal barrier materials is very poor conductor of heat and is therefore a good thermal insulator.

  • Is thermal insulation fire resistant?

    Most of our thermal insulation are fire resistant, they have different temperature resistance. You can choose the thermal insulation products according to your needs.

  • What are some good thermal insulators?

    For good thermal insulators, you can choose our fire sleeve, which can withstand continuous exposure to 260℃(500℉) and molten splash up to 1650℃(3000℉). When continuous exposure over 260℃(500℉), the silicone rubber would pulverize with no harm to human while the fiberglass yarn interior can still work with enhanced fire resistant performance that withstand continuous exposure to 650℃(1200℉).

  • How long does thermal insulation last?

    The thermal insulation products have the characteristics of anti-aging and can be used for more than ten years.