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QIAN-ZE Heat Resistant Wire Sleeve Types

High temperature braided sleeving is designed to protect cables from dangerous external forces that can cause system failures or accidents. Certain environments and equipment may operate at extremely high temperatures - sometimes hundreds of degrees Celsius or higher. High temperatures can have a drastic effect on wire systems, causing them to overheat. In turn, overheating can lead to fires, explosions and cable meltdowns. Using heat resistant wire sleeve prevents accidents and keeps your cable system healthy in high temperatures. The thermal insulation tape in high temperature produced by QIAN-ZE, a thermal insulation manufacturer, are made of strong and durable materials that can withstand even some of the harshest conditions.

High Temp Sleeve Advantages


    In the high-temperature workshop, the internal temperature of many pipelines, valves or equipment is very high. If they are not coated with protective materials, it is easy to cause personnel burns or heat loss. Our high temperature insulation sleeve has better thermal stability, radiation resistance and thermal insulation than other polymer materials, so as to prevent accidents and reduce energy consumption. The high temperature sleeve designed by us can also prevent the heat of the medium in the pipeline from directly transferring to the surrounding environment, and make the temperature of the workshop too high and save the cooling cost.


    QIAN-ZE reflective aluminum foil fiberglass casing is widely used in high-temperature processing environments such as construction, electrical, chemical, shipbuilding, aviation, textile, metallurgy, and so on. The aluminum foil coating on the outer layer of the high temp sleeve is lighter than other high temperature insulation products, which can reflect 90% of the heat radiation on the pipe surface and provide excellent radiation protection for sensitive electronic equipment, circuits and hoses.


    QIAN-ZE nylon sleeve are braided from polyester fiber. The tight braid construction covers fully and provides excellent surface abrasion resistant and anti-aging performance for assemblies exposed to excessive wear. The smooth nylon fibers and tight construction of this type of high temperature sleeve also reduce abrasion damage caused by hoses and harnesses rubbing.


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