Ⅰ. About the high temperature sleeve

High temperature resistant casing refers to a cable protection product that can maintain non-melting, heat insulation and ensure the normal operation of mechanical equipment under high temperature environment. It can be used to protect cables, pipes and other equipment in high temperature production environments. High temperature resistant casing can be divided into many kinds from practical applications, such as tube type high temperature resistant casing, buckle type high temperature resistant casing, winding type high temperature resistant casing. Although they have the same protective performance, each has its own purpose and can meet the use of different working conditions and environments. High temperature resistant casing is widely used in steel, smelting, shipbuilding, chemical and other high temperature workplaces to coat hoses, oil pipes and cables.

Ⅱ. Use matters and functions of high temperature sleeve

As an industrial high temperature protection product, high temperature sleeve is often used in industry and plays a very important role in high temperature operating areas. So what should be paid attention to when using high temperature sleeve?

1. Temperature resistance: The first thing to pay attention to when using it is the actual temperature of the working condition. The high temperature sleeve can be used to protect the pipeline equipment from damage for a long time within 260 °C, and the instantaneous temperature resistance can reach 1650 °C, which can be used in most high temperature working conditions. Down. However, there are also high-temperature ones. At this time, other high-temperature resistant products need to be selected. Therefore, in order to avoid poor temperature resistance performance, it is necessary to pay more attention to the actual temperature of the working conditions and whether it is within the protective range.

2. Waterproof: It is also necessary to pay attention to waterproofing when using it. Although the high-temperature casing has good waterproof and oil-proof performance, when it is used to protect the cable, if water enters the two ports, the internal cable will be damaged. Be careful to avoid prolonged immersion in water.

3. Fire prevention: In the process of use, it is also necessary to avoid open flames. Although the high-temperature casing has good flame retardant and fireproof performance, once it is ignited, there may still be certain safety hazards, so try to avoid open flames when using it. .

Common special line high temperature bushings are made of silicone rubber and glass fiber. Because of the unique properties of the raw materials, it can not only effectively protect the line from damage from the external environment, but also has good anti-aging properties. Within the range, it can be used for a long time without affecting its protective effect. The function of the special line high temperature sleeve: high temperature resistance, fire retardant, dustproof and waterproof, oil proof and anti-aging, insulation, fire resistance and heat insulation, splash proof, multiple protection, safety and environmental protection, no pollution.