• Automotive Heat Sleeve
    Our high temperature casing of fireproof material is used in various means of transportation, such as tram, train, high-speed train, automobile and so on.
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  • Aerospace Thermal Insulation
    High temperature fire sleeves with high and low temperature resistance, flame retardant, voltage resistance, ozone resistance and arc resistance, is widely used in aerospace.
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  • Thermal Insulation Uses in Petrochemical
    Produced by QIAN-ZE, one of the reliable thermal insulation suppliers, the high temperature insulation sleeves can be used for pipeline protection under various harsh environments such as petrochemical industry.
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  • Thermal Insulation Uses in Intelligent Robot
    Intelligent Robot
    Our high temperature insulation sleeves provide wire protection on the arm of intelligent robots.
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  • Thermal Insulation Uses in Power System
    Power System
    The electrical performance of our fire sleeve is little affected by temperature and frequency. Therefore, they are a kind of stable electrical insulation materials, which are widely used in power system.
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  • Thermal Insulation Uses in Metallurgical
    In the metallurgical industry, our fire sleeves can effectively prevent the splashing of high-temperature molten materials such as molten iron, molten copper and molten aluminum, and prevent the surrounding cables and equipment from being damaged.
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  • Thermal Insulation Uses in Glass Manufacturing
    Glass Manufacturing
    Our thermal insulation products can be used during the glass making process to avoid some high temperature problems in the production process.
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