Our high temperature insulation sleeves can be used for pipeline protection under various harsh environments such as petrochemical industry.

There are many bad working conditions in the petrochemical industry. Under various working conditions, there will be pipelines, oil pipes, cables and other equipment, which will often be damaged. If protection is not carried out, it is easy to improve its replacement frequency and increase the maintenance cost to the enterprise.

High temperature casing is refined from alkali free glass fiber and silicone rubber. It has the properties of high temperature and corrosion resistance, flame retardant and heat insulation sleeve. These characteristics can protect a variety of pipelines from external environmental factors.

According to its excellent high-temperature resistance, the high-temperature casing can be continuously used to protect the cable from damage at 260 ℃ and for half an hour at 1000 ℃, which can improve the excellent protection of pipeline equipment under normal working conditions.

The high-temperature casing also has good acid and alkali resistance and wear resistance. It can be applied to the protection of various pipeline equipment in the chemical field. Even if it encounters acid-base chemicals, it will not cause corrosion, which can ensure the normal use of internal pipeline equipment.

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