1. The protection of fireproof sleeve for the circuit of mechanical and electronic industry

There are many wire harnesses in the field of machinery and electronics, which are often used for electrical current transportation in various industrial environments. If it is in some harsh environments, it is easy to cause damage or even damage, so it is urgent to protect it. QIAN-ZE pointed out that the fireproof sleeve is a high-quality protective product.

Fireproof sleeve is a protective product refined from silicone rubber and glass fiber. It can be waterproof and dustproof, salt and acid-base proof, high temperature resistant and flame retardant, fire-proof insulation, etc. It can be used as the protection of various cable harnesses. The manufacturing process is excellent and the protection effect is good. According to the characteristics of its manufacturing materials, the fireproof sleeve can be used to protect the cable harness under the high temperature environment of 260 ℃ for a long time, and can also provide effective protection for the harness under the high temperature environment of 1000 ℃ for a period of time. The protection effect is very good. It is the best choice for the protection of cable harness in the field of machinery and electronics. According to its temperature resistance, the fireproof sleeve also has a variety of protective sleeves of different materials, which can be applied in different high-temperature environments in the field of machinery and electronics to provide safe and effective protection for various cable harnesses.

2. What are the requirements for the installation process of fireproof sleeve?

The fireproof sleeve is a kind of industrial protection product, which is made of high-quality protective materials. It can be used in harsh environment to protect various pipeline equipment from the influence of environmental factors and can operate normally for a long time. So what are the requirements for the installation process of fire sleeve? The fire-proof sleeve has a wide range of uses and good fire and heat insulation effects, but if you want to give full play to its effect, you need to pay special attention not only to the installation steps, but also to the product quality itself.

Installation Preparation: before preparing for installation, we should first understand the relevant knowledge of fireproof sleeve, as well as the actual working environment and protection requirements, so as to ensure that the performance, specification, size and structural form of the selected fire sleeve can meet the installation and use requirements.

Sleeve installation: when installing the fireproof sleeve, it shall be installed according to the structural form of the selected sleeve. For example, the tubular sleeve can be directly sleeved from one end of the pipeline, the snap on sleeve can be broken and directly wrapped in the pipeline, and then the adhesive tape can be adhered, and the winding sleeve can directly wrap the pipeline.

Installation inspection: after the installation of the fireproof sleeve, pay attention to checking whether the installation is qualified to ensure that it can be used normally. After ensuring the installation is qualified, the fireproof sleeve can have a good protective effect.