Heat resistant sleeving is made of non-alkali glass fiber after special processing, and then coated with high quality silicone rubber. Because of its good temperature resistance and heat insulation and other protective functions, it can be applied to protect various pipeline equipment in various high temperature environments. Thus, what are the uses?

Ⅰ. The role of heat resistant sleeving

1. Protect the pipeline equipment from baking and burning under high temperature conditions;

2. Avoid the heat loss in the pipeline to the workshop, increase the workshop temperature at the same time also waste resources;

3. The protection cable is not easy to wear in the workshop;

4. It has a certain fire prevention function, which can reduce the occurrence of fire under certain circumstances.

Ⅱ. The Choice of Heat Resistant Sleeving Four Points for Attention

1. When selecting heat-resistant sleeve specifications and models, it is necessary to measure the actual size of the protective pipeline equipment required, so as to avoid the occurrence of poor protective effect due to improper selection and too large or too small protective sleeve specifications.

2. Heat resistant sleeving is a general name of high temperature protection casing, according to the actual temperature strength can be divided into many kinds. Therefore, when choosing, we should first determine the working environment and temperature of the protective equipment we need to determine the type of heat-resistant casing we need. In order to avoid high temperature environment, the casing with low protection temperature is selected, which cannot play the desired temperature resistance.

3. The quality of heat resistant sleeving is very important, because of its unique temperature resistance, the better the temperature resistance, the corresponding unit price is higher. In order to reduce the price, choose a lower level of products, although the cost is low, but the quality is not guaranteed. Therefore, we should choose high quality heat-resistant casing according to our actual working conditions.

4. During the use of heat resistant sleeving, violent disassembly and assembly are prohibited to avoid the deterioration of the overall protection of the casing. And regular maintenance of equipment, to avoid the use for too long time, pipeline equipment aging, causes all kinds of safety accidents.