The fireproof sleeve is a pipeline protection product commonly used in industry. With fireproof and flame retardant functions, the fireproof sleeve can be applied to the protection of pipeline equipment in a variety of high-temperature fields with excellent protective effect. Here we briefly introduce the working principle of the fireproof sleeve.

The fireproof sleeve is a protection product that can protect the normal operation of pipeline equipment in harsh environment. It can separate harsh environment from pipeline equipment, thus providing good protection.

Secondly, the fireproof sleeve is made of alkali-free glass fiber and silicone rubber. The two materials themselves have good high temperature resistance, fire resistance, dust prevention and wear resistance, so the protective sleeve made ensures a variety of protective functions.

At the same time, appropriate flame retardant materials are added to the production materials of the fireproof sleeve, which ensures the fireproof performance of the sleeve, so as to protect the normal use of pipeline equipment in harsh environment. The fireproof sleeve can slow the spread of the fire and leave plenty of time to rescue personnel even if there is a fire.

In the industrial manufacturing field, there are many high-temperature and harsh environments, and mechanical equipment needs the transmission of electric energy in the production process, so the pipelines are required to be protected. The fireproof sleeve is a protection product designed to protect these pipeline equipment.

In order to meet the protection requirements of pipeline equipment, Qianze provides various specifications of fireproof sleeves, such as buckle type, tube type, and winding type. These types of fireproof sleeves ensure that the pipeline equipment can be protected under every working condition, and the lax protection phenomenon will not occur due to complex disassembly and assembly.

Therefore, the working principle of fireproof sleeves is very simple. The protective sleeve is totally covered on the pipeline to completely separate the pipeline from the harsh environment. Fireproof sleeves can fully and effectively prevent the damage caused by the external environment to the pipeline, and ensure the safer and more effective protection.