1. About the aluminum foil fiberglass cloth

Aluminum foil fiberglass cloth is generally suitable for cotton felt, cotton board, cotton tube and PEF board tube. In addition, it is also used for heat sealing veneer and water vapor insulation layer of thermal insulation materials such as glass wool, rock wool, mineral wool PEF products and rubber and plastic products, thermal insulation of cold and warm water pipes, water vapor insulation, and building thermal insulation needs. This material can make the indoor warm in winter and cool in summer, and comfortable in all seasons.

Aluminum foil fiberglass cloth adopts unique advanced compound technology and selects special adhesive compounding to form a dense film, featuring smooth aluminum foil surface, high reflectivity, vertical and horizontal tensile strength, air tight, water tight and good sealing performance. Aluminum foil fiberglass cloth is mainly used as outer protective layer of rock wool or centrifugal glass wool, the thermal insulation material for heating and cooling equipment pipe or the sound insulation material for building. It can also be used as humidity proof, fog proof, fire proof and anti-corrosion packaging material for export equipment. Aluminum foil fiberglass cloth can be processed into various widths and lengths of self-adhesive enhanced adhesive tape.

2. Main application characteristics of aluminum foil fiberglass cloth

1) Aluminum foil fiberglass cloth corrosion resistance is greatly improved: Its surface, after special anti-corrosion coating treatment, is greatly improved in corrosion resistance performance. Meanwhile, using polyethylene hot air sticking method, with no need to use compound adhesive, avoids the hidden danger of aluminum foil surface corrosion and mildew caused by adhesive residual moisture or solvent in the compound process.

2) Because the aluminum foil fiberglass cloth is directly hot pressing to compound, avoiding the compound adhesive and saving the lamination compounding cost.

3) The water vapor permeability is smaller so that the water vapor barrier effect is strengthened: The heat-sealing polyethylene layer in the middle of aluminum foil fiberglass cloth is thicker than the general veneer, and the water vapor permeability is smaller, so the water vapor barrier has a better effect to protect glass wool and other insulation materials.

4) Aluminum foil fiberglass cloth tensile strength is better and the veneer is stiffer and smoother: Aluminum foil fiberglass cloth has higher mechanical strength than reinforced aluminum foil tape, and is more suitable for online fitting of glass wool factory, rock wool factory and mineral wool factory.

5) Aluminum foil fiberglass cloth sticking surface is flatter, so it reduces the probability of aluminum foil surface damage: Aluminum foil fiberglass cloth because of its fine fabric, thick polyethylene layer and flatter veneer, is not easy to be damaged on surface by friction, so as to better play a moisture barrier function.