Understanding of fire sleeves

Fireproof sleeve is a type of sleeving made of high-purity, alkali-free glass fiber coated with silicone rubber. Its surface has been sulphurized, so it has excellent fireproof, moisture-proof, and anti-aging properties. It is widely used by customers as a high-temperature protective sleeving, protecting cables, pipes, and hydraulic equipment in high-temperature environments. It is an essential material in modern high-temperature industries. Do you know how to distinguish between high-quality fireproof sleeve and poor quality sleeving? We all know that the material of fireproof sleeve is a tube made from high-purity alkali-free glass fiber, covered with high-quality silicone rubber. Most fireproof sleeve in the market is red, but other colors can also be customized according to customer needs.

How to distinguish between high-quality and poor quality fire sleeves?

First, when we get a fireproof sleeve, we should check the surface silicone rubber coating. High-quality fireproof sleeve has a smooth surface without lumps, bubbles, fractures, scratches, or impurities. Poor quality sleeving has a surface with bumps, pitting, or other impurities.

Then, after checking the silicone rubber coating, we can take a look at the internal glass fiber weaving. High-quality fireproof sleeve has a neat internal glass fiber weaving without any disorder or foreign substances, and most glass fibers are white, while a few may be milky white or light yellow. Poor quality sleeving has a loose and disordered glass fiber weaving with impure glass fiber colors and some impurities.

Next, after checking the appearance, we can smell fireproof sleeve's odor. High-quality sleeving has no obvious pungent smell, while poor quality sleeving has an intense and pungent odor, which can be harmful to the human body over a long time.

Finally, to test, we can use a lighter or spray gun to test the fireproof sleeve. The long-term working temperature of fireproof sleeve is 260 degrees, and the instantaneous temperature can reach 1650 degrees. During the experiment, poor quality fireproof sleeve will melt instantly and produce a very pungent odor. In contrast, high-quality fireproof sleeve undergoes 10-15 minutes of burning. Its surface silicone rubber will char without an apparent pungent odor, and the glass fiber inner layer will remain intact. This can effectively distinguish between the quality of fireproof sleeve.

Note: When encountering high-temperature or fire conditions, high-quality fire sleeves can effectively protect the safety and normal use of pipes and hydraulic equipment. Poor-quality fire sleeves may cause fires and other dangerous situations, causing incalculable losses. When choosing fireproof sleeve, it is best to carefully examine and select the right product.